Simple helicoidal

Design and construction of a parabolic reflector

Some of the pictures on this page are generated artificially using a 3D raytracing program, call POV-ray. More information on POV-RAY can be found at another page on this site, or at POV-Ray's home page itself

Simulated side view. (Orthographic: the blocks behind the antenna are 10 by 10cm and can be use to estimate sizes.)

Side view, slightly rotated (Same observation)
Side view, now 45 degrees rotation. (Same observation)

Front view. (Still orthographic)
Rear view of the antenna.

Normal perspective rear view of the antenna
Normal front view of the reflector

On papel, I drew the diameters of the rings to construct.
To get the aluminium home, I had to have the 6m original lengths into manageable lengths. I choose them so the unions coincide with the parabola supports, for extra strength.

A more detailed view of the rings.