Simple helicoidal

Mechanical construction template

Note that this template is intended for use with the 'tube'-version of the QFH antenna (i.e. constructed with copper tubing, as opposed to the coax version). The holes in the top and bottom templates accomodate the diameter of the tubing, while the center template shows the diameter of the selected support tube.

Images of this type of construction are shown at the bottom of this page.

I need the following data:
  - the vertical support tube diameter
  - the horizontal support tube diameter
  - the design frequency
  - the calculated outer loop height
  - the calculated inner loop height

This could be because you came here from an external link, or didn't complete the information on the calculator page (maybe forgot to press 'calculate'?). Please go to the calculator page, and check everything.

Pictures of the 'copper tube' version

These images were generated with the POV-ray raytracer. They do not represent the above design, just a similar one!

An orthogonal 'perspective' of the antenna.

... and from the other side.

Front view, looking at the (optional) BNC connector.

Side view of the antenna.

Side view, about 40 degrees rotated.

A somewhat strange-looking top view of the antenna. Note the differences in size between the inner and outer loop.

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