Flight 3


  In flight

The flight from the earth

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7 minutes late, the payload was launched to the skies

Lot of wind that day, and the ascending speed selected (120m/min) seemed to take the payload directly to the trees...
But everything went well, and almost immediately we started receiving telemetry reports from all over the province.

At the University, students were waiting with the precision goniometer to estimate the position of the balloon.
The goniometer's electric rotor - made from an electric motor and a gear salvaged from a car... Budget!

The communications lab at the Universidad Católica de Córdoba
Somebody (!) did something - Murphy? - and the computer processing the data had stopped showing the data.

Luckily, they'd been recorded correctly on disk, and after the flight they were perfect
Graph showing humidity. In reality, it seems that the sensor had been damaged. The data were not very reliable.

Graph of the temperature. By a mistake in the program's calibration the graph left the screen. In reality it went to minus 80C!
Height graph. Same error as above. Maximum height reached was about 29000 meters.

Battery voltage graph. Followed perfectly the predictions made!
Las data received, during the descent. The center column indicates the rapid raise in temperature during the fall.

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