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Preparing the strips

I thought a lot about selecting the wood for the construction. Then I went to the local 'wood-shop', I found out that kind of wood wasn't available anymore (at least not at reasonable prices). So I changed tactics - I compiled a list of available woods, their characteristics, and, of course, prices...

Here's a table of some of the locally available woods (only lightweight woods are included), without prices as these are too variable. I included balsa wood just a as reference. Its mechanical properties are too variable to be of use.

Wood Color Spec. weight
Pino Elliotti Yellow/ochre 0.46
Pino Paraná Reddish yellow 0.52
Paraiso Clear ochre 0.5
Curupí Grey/white gris 0.35
Cedro Reddish 0.46
Kiri White 0.3
Balsa White 0.15
Timbó Dark red 0.42
Data sources: various sites over the internet. Check the links.

Finally I decided on timbo wood. Even though my friendly carpenter assured me he wouldn't want to help me cutting it because of the agressive dust it produces. Oh well, I'll have to cut it myself then - timbo has many interesting qualities though:

Note: The generated dust is possibly allergenic, and most certainly agressive, so a mask is a must! (the normal dust filter is enough though)

Continue with cutting and planing the strips.

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