My main intention is to impose something similar to the GPL license which is so popular in the Linux world. The principal idea of this limitation is just the inverse: to limit any possible limitation of access:

BEFORE anything else. If any item on this page isn't mine, and other conditions are mentioned, these - of course - take precedence over mine. If it's a shareware item, please respect the author's wishes. I've tried to publish on these pages only my own material, or other information with permission from the author.

So, I hereby permit the use of the information in other projects, as long as the other projects are also publicly and freely accessible.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, the information on this site may be used to be included in other projects which are limited by more restrictive conditions. (This includes any part of this site, be it graphics, texts, programs or any other part)

This does not include any popups or banners added by the provider of the webspace.

Finally, if you're interested in using anything under other conditions, please contact me (see link Correo, below).

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