I want to thank all who have made these pages possible. Not only the people that contacted me, and contributed information, but also those authors that have made their excellent programs available to the Open Source society, many of them were used to realize this site.

Table of the link pages on the site

Kayak All information related to the construction of wooden kayaks
Balloons Links to other 'balloon' sites, and much useful information: parachutes, atmosphere, materials etc.
Simple helix antenna Construction details and design info for simple helical antennas, as used by themselves, or as a feeder for reflectors.
Quadrifilar Helical Antenna Construction details and design info for quadrifilar helicoidal antennas, mostly applied for the reception of circularly polarized satellite signals, like meteorological satellites.
Radioclubs and organizations Links to other sites related to radio amateurism, with at least some technical information, or interesting link lists to more sites.
The G3PLX project Information on themes related to the G3PLX passive ionospheric sounding and ranging project of Peter Martinez, G3PLX.
Programs used Programs used to realize these pages. Long live Open Source!
Satellite activities Other sites related to satellite activities - emphasizing meteorological satellites.

Not advisable - in my personal opinion

HTML Master Reference - Heather Williamson
Even though this work promised to be an interesting reference, and full of pretended information on compatibility between navigatores, this perspective was lost easily, and the CD is full of example code that regularly fail with Netscape.

The author wasn't even capable of respecting a basic requirement: the filenames of the files are a hopeless mix of uppercase and lowercase which a problem on all Unix based servers. The book is entirely on the CD in PDF format, but no links exist between the index and the contents, making using nearly impossible.

This book counts over 1300 pages, why not add a few more, with an suggested reading order to use the book as a tutorial?

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