Software used

I'd like to thank all who contributed and made these pages possible. Not only the ones who contacted me, but also I'd like to mention those authors who made their excellent programs available to the Open Source community, and were instrumental in the construction of this site.

The operating system that lets the user be in control. Thanks Linus!
All the images, titles and other special effects on the site were made thanks to GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program. More than excellent!
XawTV (webcam) allowed me to digitalize the recordings made with my videocam - with good quality!
SANE Project
My respect goes to the SANE project programmers, who, without much help or information from the manufacturers, create drivers for a large list of scanners.
JOE text editor - the fastest and most reliable. And compatible with Wordstar, TurboPascal/C. Macros, regular expressions...
POV-ray is a raytracing program, permitting the rendering of 'things' in 3D, assigning textures, colors, lighting and more. Finally you take a photo of the scene.
The IceWM window manager for X11. Simple, small, and fast...
The Linux windowing system... Windows as it should be.
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