linSmith: Lista de cambios

2013/07/18 v0.99.26
        - A bug in confmgr.c caused errors when reading strings from
        the configuration (thanks Graham Inggs)
2013/01/09 v0.99.25
        - A rather important bug infiltrated when changeing the
        configuration system. Though I carefully prepared the
        default values for the vector map, I entered them in hex
        which them caused a white chart.
        If you had/have this problem, the easiest way out is to
        use this new version, but first deleting the previous
        configuration file (in your home directory .gnome2/linsmith)
        - To encourage the use of the vector chart anyway, it is
        now the default for new installs.
2012/12/04 v0.99.24
        - Print bug correct (Segfault on second call to print).
        (Thanks for reporting, Clyde!)
        - Cleanups in the configuration load/save functions
2011/03/21 v0.99.22
        - Change papersize_combo to combobox, and load the list from 
        the available papersizes.
        - Adapted confmgr to accept char * from comboboxes.
        - Moving down elements caused a segfault, because of wrongly 
        g_free'ing an iter. (Thanks clydes!)
        - Moving elements up implemented.
        - A crash in the configuration dialog fixed, which made it 
        impossible to save the SWR circle color. (Thanks clydes!)
        - Converted the strange negative default values for the color 
        definitions to their (easier to understand?) hex values.
        - The 'standard cable' code mostly re-written, and a few
        more cable types added.
2011/03/20 v0.99.21
        - Removed the (deprecated) gnomeprint depency. 
        Now the complete print route relies on Pango/Cairo to 
        generate the plot, and the GtkPrint interface to do the actual 
        printing. (After some poking from Thomas Beierlein, from gentoo.
2010/05/14 v0.99.20
        - Slight improvements to the vector plot.
        - Better (?) default values for colors of plot.
        - Modified the confmgr to accept hex and octal values in the 
        configuration file.
2009/05/08 v0.99.12
        - Missing NULL in run_filedialog caused warnings when saving 
        the log. In some cases it could cause segmentation faults too.
        Thanks to the guys at Fedora for notifying me!
2008/09/02 v0.99.11
        - Swedish translation updated (Thanks Peter!)
        - Smaller bugs corrected which could cause a few problems if 
        z0 was changed. (chart.c - Thanks for the indications, Anatoly!)
2008/08/22 v0.99.10
        - The last s2p file's name is now saved in the configuration. 
        Had forgotten that in the previous version.
2008/08/21 v0.99.9
        - Added import of Touchstone(r) two-port files. Until now, only
        Version 1.0 files are correctly parsed, though completely (I 
        hope) with all parameter types, and input formats.
        - Spanish translation has been updated.
        - Manual has been updated with this info.
2008/05/26 v0.99.7
        - Dustin Vaselaar reports problems inputing loads. 'errno' is 
        now cleared before each strtod call.
2008/04/25 v0.99.6
        - Applied a patch to fix possible startup crash in case of 
        missing background charts (provided by bernardb - thanks!)
        - Added a more complete syntax check on load input. Empty 
        fields are not permitted anymore. Check is done on both the 
        normal and noisebridge input pages.
        - Typo in preferences ('connectios')
        - Added import of impedances in CSV format
        - Added dialog to warn about existing loads when importing or 
        loading new values.
2007/10/11 v0.99.5
        - Changed the name of aux.c and aux.h to misc.c and
        misc.h, because when I tried to compile linSmith
        on Windoze, I found out that aux (no matter what the
        extension) is reserved by the operating system 
        (DOS inheritance).
        - Changed the open/close file dialogs to the
        newer, and much improved filechooserdialog.
        - Experimentally added import for TouchstoneTM files
        (s2p format, incomplete)).
        - Moved calls to the open/save functions out of
        callbacks.c and to the corresponding files.
2007/01/03 v0.99.4
        - Hans Nieuwenhuis reported an error in log.c
        which could cause crashes when generating a data
        log. Thanks!                                    
2006/11/15 v0.99.3
        - A few other potential char array traps removed.
        These are of less importance as the reserved space
        was more than enough to accomodate the strings.
2006/11/06 v0.99.2
        - Thanks to Alexander to report a craching problem,
        and to the people at Ubuntu (Bernard) to pointing
        out the problem. Long font names caused this.
        I've replaced these (static) buffers by dynamically
        assigned ones.

        Please, distro people, I'd appreciate it if you
        advise me when you include linSmith in your package!
        I can provide a link to your package, and I can
        be prepared for specific problems!

2006/07/09 v0.99.1
        - Added the vector-generated background map for
        the chart.
        - Modified configuration to allow for definition
        of the background color of the vector chart.
        - Corrected the font selection for the vector
        chart (use GtkFontButton).
        - Added a config parameter to set the initial size
        of the vector chart.
        - Optimized the chart generation by eliminating 
        symmetric reactance circles from the table.
        - Modified the table into a proper .h and .c file.
        - Added zoom factors
2006/06/24 v0.9.8
        - Version in component files is now the complete
        version in a single string. This should not
        raise any incompatibilities.
        - Updated es.po
        - Modified the Results page: Circuit impedance
        is now shown as either Z or Y depending on the
        Z/Y blocks inserted in the element list. This
        can be disabled (forced to impedance only) in
        Preferences. (This also applies to Results
        export file)
        - Separate resolutions settable for impedances
        and admittances.
2006/06/19 v0.9.7
        - Corrected the 'live' display of the cursor
        values under the graph - they remained at
        50 Ohm even after changing z0 (Thanks Anatoly!
2006/04/10 v0.9.6
        - Corrected the connecting arcs for 'to load' rotation.
        - Modified the load impedance input to select
        different input data sources and types.
        - Don't enable the 'New' or 'Update' buttons if 
        the values are not valid (f != 0).
        - Noise bridge input works! Input in R and C,
        values are shown as R and X in the load table.
2006/04/06 v0.9.5
        - Added a 'Clear' button to the load and element lists.
        - Replaced large 'Recalculate' button by a smaller
        version, and moved it to the left, to make space
        for the rotation list.
        - Added the Rotate list, to select rotation to
        generator or to load. Added the option to the
        preferences record. Note that though transmission
        lines already rotate correctly, the connecting
        line is still wrong.
        - Setting the Zo box on startup caused errors
        in the (not yet existing) log_list. Solved.
        - Minor bugfix in configuration window. Screen
        font name was not correctly saved and could cause
        execution problems.
        - After configuration, chart must be in non-logo
        mode, else an error message is produced when
        trying to update the SWR circle
2006/03/30 v0.9.4
        - Chart also updates when loads are added or modified.
        - Infrequent bug detected in load management. Could
        be the problem while importing from remote?
        - Redefined (improved) quite a few routines in 
        the load.c file. This caused a few bugs (which I
        hope, are resolved). Please report on any problems.
2006/03/22 v0.9.3
        - Changed order of element definition: Select
        Series/parallel first, the actual component. Show
        only the possible components in each case. This
        causes quite a few changes in aux.c.
        - Error in setting the component buttons solved.
        - Changing Zo on the main window now has immediate effect.
        - (More or less) centralized the enabling the buttons on
        the element page. Hope this improves the usability.
2005/11/03 v0.9.2
        - IMPORTANT: It seems there were some problems with the 
        connecting impedance/admittance circles        in the previous
        version. I hope this is now resolved!
        - Added another example and revised the data files.
        - Margarita  did some
        exceptional work, correcting the es-translation,
        adapting some makefiles, she even provided an
        icon and a man-page for linSmith! Thanks...
        - I've removed the doc-generation files entirely,
        only the final PDF is included. There were reports
        about low-quality fonts, and other issues which
        are not easily addressable in the automatic install
        - Corrected the 'Save results...' option
        permitting saving the numerical results to a file.
2005/10/17 v0.9.1
        - Added filenames to the 'loads' and 'circuit'
        page, and an 'changed' flag to indicate the list
        has been modified.
        - Added 'Save results page' option in the 'Files'
        menu, to save the numerical results
        - Added a Swedish translation (Thanks to
        Peter Landgren peter.talken[at]telia.com!)
2005/05/15 v0.9.0a3
        - An error in calculating parallel LC circuits
        sneaked into the code cleanup (corollary: never
        clean up code?)
        - The number of decimals in frequency is now
        settable in the configuration.
        - SWR circle immediately redraw after saving config.
        - Expanded the cable table, changed selection
        - Updated es.po, and partially de.po. My german
        is not too good I'm afraid.
2005/05/12 v0.9.0a2
        - Value text for Z/Y component wasn't initialized.
        - On Lawrence's request, I changed the frequency
        resolution to 3 decimals
        - Update and New buttons were not activated
        reliably - solved
        - Main screen component editor showed uH, should
        be nH - corrected (again Lawrence...)
2005/04/02 v0.9.0a1
        - Added parallel and series LC combination which
        were difficult to enter before. This caused a huge
        number of other changes - even in the circuit file
        data format. This new format isn't compatible!
        I wrote a small script in Tcl which can convert
        the old format (conv0809).
        - Changed the layout of the component input page
        - Changed the layout of the load input page
        - Much needed cleanup of callbacks.c
        - Changed the component scrollbars. They will now
        auto-return to center, if not held with the mouse,
        after 1 second. This makes it much easier and faster
        to experiment.
        - Modified the format of the component list to
        accomodate par/ser LC combinations.
        - I'm using the Omega sign to format the line info
        This could cause problems with some character sets
        if the symbol isn't defined. Please report if this
        doesn't work for you.
        - Save file paths at any save or load
        - Solved a bug which didn't show connections
        with stubs
        - Improved (more logical) component description
        - Solved a bug with 'updating' open/closed stubs
        - Found and solved a bug in saving transmission
        line components.
        - Updated predefined cable selection to the new
2004/12/23 v0.8.4
        - Fixed a (double) bug in the zoom procedure,
        particularly visible when zooming out (thanks to
        Lawrence Glaister ve7it[at]shaw.ca for reporting
        - The configuration interface is present to
        set up the remote control. It is _not_ enabled yet!
2004/12/09 v0.8.3
        - Added a German translation (Thanks to Georg Baum,
        - Please check the NEWS file!
2004/09/10 v0.8.2
        - Added the TODO list to the distro... Maybe someone
        helps out?
2004/08/17 v0.8.1
        - Added #include of getopt.h to main.c. Though not
        necessary on my machine, some configurations do need
        it, and, really, it should be there. (Thanks
        Sid Boyce, G3VBV, sboyce[at]blueyonder.co.uk)
        - One of the 'todo-list' items implemented: the
        effect of changing the value scrollbars is now
        immediately visible on the chart. This is really
        quite spectacular. (Thanks Lawrence Glaister VE7IT,
        for reminding me)
2004/08/03 v0.8.0
        - Adapted the config files and the config screen
        to be able to select properties for the dynamic
        on-screen background. (Though the dynamic chart is
        not enabled yet)
        - Enabled the zoom buttons (can now zoom from 0.1
        to 10x)
2004/07/24 v0.7.6
        - Added Chinese translation (Thanks to Once,
        - Added Spanish translation
        - Once also reported a bug when clicking 'Modify'
        on the loads page (corrected)
2004/07/18 v0.7.5
        - En error in the configuration files causes
        compilation errors on some systems. This should fix
        it. Please update.
2004/07/17 v0.7.4
        - More suggestions from Georg (thanks!):
        - Size of up/down buttons in Circuit (done)
        - Size of ok/cancel buttons on config dialog (done)
        - Moved 'print'-checkbutton to a File-menu item
        - Confirmation before overwriting previous export
        - Font picker added to select. The font selection
          mechanism is too picky (sic) to just use a entry
2004/07/15 v0.7.3
        - Thanks to Georg Baum for the testing & suggestions.
        - Change the initial (logo) pixmap path in chart.c
        to include PACKAGE_DATA_DIR
        - Change the default pixmap path in global.c
        to include PACKAGE_DATA_DIR
        - Set the correct scale/offsets for the chart included
        - Included a few examples to be installed in
        -  Now actually included the logo pixmap
2004/06/26 v0.7.2
        - Added SWR circle and G=1 circle, and the configs
        to match. Checked both on-screen and PS output.
        - Added connecting linse for Z/Y switches. Tested
        on most combinations.
        - Enabled the transformer (no connecting lines...
        are they advisable?)
        - Changed the screen bg chart properties to double
        (from int), as sometimes fractional corrections seem
        to be appropiate.
2004/06/22 v0.7.1
        - Added the Z/Y element to switch between impedances
        and admittances. Modified many functions to adjust
        for this trick.
        - Apologized to the gnome-print group for the 
        accusation... The fault was mine.
2004/06/10 v0.6.1
        - Got the PS output working. Mind - there is still a
        problem with gnomeprint - the first string printed
        with a global scaling active is printed in the
        wrong size. (Added a dummy label to prevent this)
2004/05/22 v0.3.1
        - Start keeping a changelog
        - Call calc_el_impedance only when needed, i.e. not 
        when adding a series line.
(c) John Coppens ON6JC/LW3HAZ correo