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pfc2_ide - Introduction

Over the years, I've used Pascal-FC (by Alan Davies and Geoff Burns) to teach concurrency issues. The original (16-bit) version was difficult to compile, and rather lacking in features (except for the actual concurrency primitives).

I cleaned up the original code, modified the file access routines in the compiler. I added a few features (causing my renaming pfc to pfc2), but a particular need was felt to have an IDE which would facilitate the use.

The Pascal-FC IDE

Get pfc2ide at SourceForge.net. Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads pfc2_ide can be downloaded from its project page at SourceForge. (Thanks for providing web services!)
Main window of the IDE for Pascal-FC2
Terminal emulator window, showing the output of a simple program
Preferences window, showing the editor options
Preferences window, now showing the debugger's options

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