Globo 4



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The rear side of the camera (the cable has already been removed)

To take the camera apart, it's necessary to remove the base. Apply downward pressure, slightly skewed, so the base will snap off.
This exposes an embedded mounting nut for a tripod. Inside is a small screw that opens the case.

This is all there is to see - one small PC board!
This is the RAM memory side of the board. Notice that the RAM chips are even of different brands. At the right is the connector.

Front side, with the lens still mounted. At the right, the green indicator LED
At the top is the optical sensor, below is the QV108 ASIC controller.

weeCam connector pinout

Connections from the weeCam to the parallel port. Click on the image for a larger (PNG format) image. For those who don't have a PNG format viewer yet, there's also a PDF version.


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