Peperina Team - Misc activities

Irregularly, members of the Peperina Team participate in activities related to kayakism, but not necessarily excursions!


Date Description
2002/09/08 Round trip of the Lake, with gastronomical dessert.
2007/01/21 Expedition to Isla Tigre (Mar Chiquita)
2007/04/28 Presentation of the book 'Bañados de Rio Dulce'
2007/07/28 (Cold) excursión on the Lago San Roque
2007/05/26 La Viña 2007
2007/07/08 Rosario - Victoria Winter 2007
2007/09/27 Short night excursion
2007/10/03 And another night excursion - GPS path
2007/10/14 Mar Chiquita 2007
2007/10/25 A midweek trip, with some videos
2007/11/10 Mar Chiquita - Isla Huecos, 2007
2008/01 Diego's trip to Uruguay)
2008/02/02 World Wetlands day
2008/02/17 Baptism of John's new strip Guillemot
2008/03/09 Last part of the Xanaes Challenge
2008/03/15 Excursion on the Lago San Roque
2008/03/21 Visit to the Los Molinos Lake
2008/03/21 Excursion to Salvación Island
2008/04/06 Discovering the large Salt Lake
2008/06/14 Kayak 'school trip' to Los Molinos Lake
2008/09/14 Trip to Colón (Entre Rios)
2008/11/29 Two-day trip to Rio Tercero
2009/01/11 First full moon in 2009 - Night trip on Lago San Roque
2009/03/08 Fourth stage of the 'Desafío del Xanaes'
2009/04/05 2nd Regional canoeing encounter
2009/07/11 Extracurricular trip
2009/09/19 Excursion to Mistolar Island (Mar Chiquita)
2009/12/05 Kayak 'school trip' to Embalse
2009/12/30 Last full moon - Night excursion Lago San Roque
2010/01/14 Short run following the Cosquín river
2010/03/13 Weekend in Rio Tercero
2010/03/13 Weekend in La Quintana
2010/04/01 Easter in Salto Grande
2010/04/01 Easter in Mar Chiquita
2010/09/04 Roll practice in Bucor (Córdoba)
2010/11/20 Salida a Cerro Pelado
2010/12/12 Campeonato de Natación Aguas Abiertas
2011/12/09 Last full moon of the year - Night trip on Lago San Roque
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