IRTC 2009/10


Submission for the IRTC 2009/10 Competence

The actual submission The images below were prepared for the IRTC (International RayTracing Competition) in Oct/2009. They weren't accepted because competition server was overloaded and I couldn't get them in before closing time (It wasn't for lack of trying). Anyway, I put in enough work, and the result wasn't that bad, so here they are.

Slightly closer to the first digit.

Detals of the first digit.

The 7 segment decoder.

Details of segment D mechanicals

Detail of segment G's setup. The wavy surface right is the reverse side of the front plate.

Steam pipes for the pistons, and the axis of one of the segments. The blue cylinder is one of the pistons.

Two of the segments - the nearest one 'off', the other 'on'.


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