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  Chirp examples

Chirp plot examples

This is one of the backscatter radars in the US. The signal is very strong, and the 'hair' above the line is the 'backscatter' - reflected signals

Another of the BS radars. Notice that the reflection is quite different
This example is a 'real' sounder - the low power is noticeable as a much finer line on the graph.

This is the sounder at BRI, a firm that produces sounders (belongs to Dr Barry, the actual inventor of the system.
Each of the three BS radar transmitters are teamed up with a real sounder. Here is the sounder...

And this is the radar - the power difference is very noticeable, isn't it?
This the second radar...

... and this is the third one (in Puerto Rico). Don't look for them on these times, they change sequence every few days.

This is an enlargement of the plot above, which shows the individual chirps much better.


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