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Satélites meteorológicos

These pages are dedicated to the reception of meteorological satellite image reception. I've been receiving these signals for quite a few years, and I've received a lot of requests for more information. I hope that these pages will be usefull in some way.

If you observe the images, there's a remarkable tendency for western passes (Pacific ocean and Chile). This is simply because my home is located on the side of a hill which effectively shields me from receiving to the East. Satellites must be above 20 - 25 degrees elevation on that side, while I receive well to 0 degrees on the West.

my station At my station, I'm using:
  • A Quadrifilar Helicoidal (QFH or QHA), an antenna which is economical, relatively easy to construct, and gives excellent results.Here's a description and pictures.
  • At the antenna, I've mounted a low noise amplifier with a GaAsFET transistor.
  • A home-brew receiver with a TDA7000 integrated circuit (Now partially reconstructed and using an MC3361)
  • The audio is processed with an SB compatible soundcard.
  • PC K6/2 for processing.
  • Wxtoimg (see links) program for the image acquisition
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