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funkGen: Changelog

Date Version Comments
2009/10/23 0.6.2
  • I'm so sorry - I forgot to include the header files in the package, so it didn't compile correctly. Try this one. It should (almost certainly) compile successfully!
2009/10/21 0.6.1
  • Version 0.6 had a problem: when exporting files, the audio file wasn't closed, and as such, in some cases, didn't have the correct header structure.
2009/10/18 0.6.0
  • I just noticed the initial announcement disappeared! funkGen is a simple command line function generator which can (of course) generate functions, but also is able to add, subtract, multiply and divide functions, and apply correlation and convolution, and FFT. The results can be listed, plotted, and converted to audio files in many formats. Version 0.5 was the first public release, lacking...


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