linSmith: Ports to other operating systems

Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger
Oleg Jensen maintains a portfile to run linSmith on MaxOSX.

linSmith: Tutorial links

Impedance Matching and the Smith Chart
An application note from Maxim, explaining the chart itself, and some of its uses. Also explains why Smith charts are still very alive.
RF Café
A huge link resource - everything RF related. On the page above are software links (one to linSmith!). To select other links, use the box at the top of the page.
A large resource for mostly ham-related information, such as callbooks, tech info, etc.

How does a Smith chart work?
A fairly mathematical approach in describing the chart working, but nice graphics.

Simple Calculations with the Smith Chart
A rather special site in that it uses MathML (Math markup language, a specialized form of HTML), and not all browser are capable of this. Has links to related pages.

The Smith Chart
Personal page of D. Jefferies. Explains some of the math background of the Smith chart

Exploring the secrets of the Smith chart
Not much useful information, but there are a few links to charts in different formats (that is, if you don't like the output of linSmith!)

The Smith Chart
A link page to several other Smith Chart resources.

A Google View
Have a look what else is available on the 'net, using Google.


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