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Mounting points for the hatch straps

A hardwood block, divided in four to obtain the four fixing points. About 12 mm from the top, a line indicating the height of the result.

A quick mill at about 45 reduces the sanding time dramatically.

View from above, of the 45 degree mill.

And after a first sanding it looks like this...

... so we can cut of the 12 mm layer.

And divide the block in four.

On each block, I marked the width of the strap, plus 1 mm at each side to take into account epoxy and paint.

I made the track for the strap, using a chisel and file. Maybe I could have used the router, but, as the deck is curved, it's really necessary to make the track deeper at the center, which is difficult to do.

A couple of layers of epoxi on the track, and the blocks glued to the deck. Locating them near the edge of the opening helps aligning the cover.

And the final result, with the straps, in the salt waters of the Laguna Mar Chiquita Wetlands (Córdoba, Argentina).

Continues with Finishing.


(c) John Coppens ON6JC/LW3HAZ mail