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Internal details

Behind the cockpit, and before applying the cloth to the entire deck, I added an extra patch of fiberglass (a remnant of 220 gr/m2). This section may receive some extra loads with wet entries etc.

Impregnating the cloth, which nicely fused with the filler putty, and with the tape added previously.

Here's when the complete deck has been 'clothed'. I used several large leftovers, overlapping them near the cockpit. At the top left, a patch of cloth that needed a bit of pressure.

The cockpit area. The union of the 4 pieces of fiberglass is nearly invisible, except in the actual cockpit opening.

Now it's the hull's turn. With a sandpaper disk in the drill, I managed to remove most of the the glue and epoxy drops, and obtain a reasonable surface quality. The dark spots are last minute touchups.

Time to dress the hull inside. I'll add a second layer near the cockpit area later.

The wife, Sabine, helping out with the resin.

Ready. The upper part reflects the light coming in from the garage door. For the first time after weeks of cold, we suddenly had temperatures well over 30 C this weekend.

Sigue con la parte superior de la brazola.

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