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Cutting and planing the strips - Pictures

A small 'test run' of the bead router bit, without sliding the strip.
Note that the bit also cut a few mm at the center.
Which is not a problem, as this represents only a couple of tenths of a mm in depth.
A similar 'run' with the cove bit, to check if it was correctly centered. Only about 1/10th of a mm remains on each side - perfect!
Check the slight darkening at the right side of the cut. Just stopping for a couple of seconds was enough to heat the wood by friction!
Where the test strip was slightly thicker, a border remains when cutting the bead. This is not important, if both cove and bead were cut using the same side as a reference. The only places where the extra thickness on the outside is in the way is where the hull is hollow (near the bow and stern).

Continue with stripping the hull.

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