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Pascal FC 2 - Additions

In the table below are the additional constructs for Pascal-FC. They don't change anything to the functionality of the original compiler, just add some extra features, allowing for more expressivity.

Extensions to Pascal FC

Construct Type Description From version
gotoxy(x, y: integer) procedure Allows positioning the cursor on the screen. X must be in the range of 1 to the screen width, Y from 1 to the screen height. 0.9.22
clrscr procedure Cleans the screen completely, and moves the cursor to the top left corner (x=1, y=1) 0.9.22
textcolor(col: integer) procedure Defines the color of the text to be printed next.
Valid colors are in the range of 0 to 15.
textbackground(col: integer) procedure Defines the background of the text to be printed next.
Note: Valid colors are from 0 to 7. On some screens, values from 8 to 15 cause blinking.
keypressed function Returns TRUE or FALSE depending on if a key was pressed. 0.9.27
readkey function Returns the value of the pressed key.
Note: This function blocks if no called and no key is available!

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