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Spam mail - Nigerian fraud 419 - Example 2

Origin: Phillip Ugoma
Notes: The phone number below is in the Netherlands!
I will like to begin by introducing myself to you. I am Phillip Ugoma, a
native of Cape town, South Africa and I am an employee of the South African
Department of Mineral and Energy. I hope that this letter meets you in a
good mood. However, the content of this letter is not compulsory that you
must participate but a voluntary participation could be of help to you, my
partners and I.

I am soliciting your assistance in a cooperation to redeem an investment.
The said investment is now valued at £10,000,000.00 (Ten Million Pounds
Sterling) equivalent to US$15,000,000.00 (Fifteen Million United States
Dollars). This investment was formerly purchased by one Mr. Lucio Stevenson
and leased to the Transvaal Orange Mining Corporation on 15th April, 1975.

Since the maturity of this investment in September 2000, several attempts
have been made without success to contact Mr. Lucio or any member of his
entire family in whose favour the said investment can be paid. My partner
who is the accounts director in our Ministry, myself and two other
colleagues of mine have initiated the process of filing a claim for this
money with the hope of having the funds transferred abroad for us all. My
main aim of writing this letter to you is to request that you allow us to
file a claim for this money with your names and other particulars indicating
that you are the sole signatory and beneficiary to this money so that the
funds can be paid to you for us all.

Note that we cannot use our names or family names in filing this claim
because we are well known as workers in this Department. When the claim is
finally approved, you as the beneficiary will be paid this sum of money.
Again Since this money will be paid directly to any bank account of your
choice, you have a liability to ensure that my partners and I receive 70% of
the net sum while you are entitled to 25% for your assistance and the
remaining 5% will be mapped out to cover all expenses incidental to this
transaction. Please we urge you to keep this matter very confidential until
it's completion.

I assure you that the money is here and we are in a position to make the
payment to you only if you give us a strong guaranty that you will not
abscond with all the money and you will co-operate with us religiously. You
have to promise us that you will not take advantage of our position since
the money will be paid directly into a bank account that you solely
nominate. Be assured that there is absolutely nothing to worry you about in
view of this claim. It is 100% safe and risk free to us all. It is not
subject to any enquiry since my partner will be handling the claim directly
from the accounts department on your behalf.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter if it is acceptable to you.
Whereby you do not accept this proposal, please kindly destroy this letter
so that I can scout for another foreign partner with whom we can conclude
this business together. Please reach me at my tel: 0031-627-218-238 and or
the email above so that I can provide you with more clarification about this
claim and how we intend to make this deal beneficial to everyone. I await
your quick response.

Yours   truly, 

Phillip  Ugoma.

(c) John Coppens ON6JC/LW3HAZ mail