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  Mar Chiquita

A small tribute to Carlos Nieto

Last saturday (2008/9/27), returning from a trip to the dam, a strange event occured: in the two years I've participated in the the 'afternoon group', I've never found its members so tightly 'grouped'. The normal situation is that, just minutes out the Club, most of them are spread oll over the place.

This time, greatly due to the cohesion of the group, several events ocurred (personal), which clearly showed that kayaking is a real group sport.

Well, reflecting on my own progress y my wife's, we are very gratefull to Carlos Nieto and his patience...

The portrait

Carlos The idea behind the portraint was to symbolically represent all the activities Carlos organized over the last couple of years, and to actually construct the pictures of those events in a big mosaic.

The image is composed of 64 by 87 (5568 in total) miniatures of images selected between all the images of the weekly 'class' outings, and from the extracurricular trips to nearby lakes. It's almost certain we all are in at least one of the pictures.

When the picture was finished, it occurred to me to use it in a small 'on-line' quiz, on the local Peperina list.

(Note: the brand depicted on Carlos's hat, was not a sponsor of this contest!)

The complete version of this image has 1024 x 1392 pÝxels. (1.2 MB)

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