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These pages are in no way a replacement for the 'strip building bible', Nick Schade's 'The Strip-built Sea Kayak'. I do hope that the info can be a complement to that book. Materials and tools available differ from country to country, even between regions! Another perspective is always welcome.

So, what follows is really a log, detailing the problems I encountered and decisions I made in my particular case. I hope they are of use to others!

Steps I followed

Forms Drawing Understanding and drawing the book's tables.

Cutting Cortar y terminar los moldes en madera MDF
Strongback Material Alternatives and selection of the material for the strongback.

Construction Pictures of the construction steps

Repair The strongback wasn't so strong... It fell and broke in two places. This is the repair procedure.
Strips Woods Selecting the wood for the strips is an important step! Using local woods cuts costs...

Operations Pictures of the processing (cuttin/routing/planing etc) to obtain the strips.

Stripping the hull Pictures of the actual stripping of the hull.

Front deck Stripping of the front deck.

Read deck Stripping of the aft deck.

Cockpit recess Filling up the cockpit recess.
Intermezzo - finishing bow/stern Bow and stern Before applying the epoxy, it's necessary to touch up the bow and the stern.
Applying the epoxy Hull Applying the resin to the hull, as a practice run before the deck...

Deck ... and then the deck, which has it's own problems.
Coaming Coaming Comstruction of the vertical wall of the coaming.

Coaming lip How I made the horizontal part...
Epoxy insides Inside Some things to take into account when doing the insides.
Hatches Hatches My solution to the hatch problem.

Mounting and how I mounted them under the deck.

Straps The fixing blocks for hatch straps.
Closing Closing Joining the hull with the deck

Continues with drawing the forms.


(c) John Coppens ON6JC/LW3HAZ mail