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General radio links

Unión de Radioaficionados de Ourense
An example of a Radioclub - lots of information. (And thanks for their link to my pages, too!)
DK0TUI in Ilmenau/Germany
Formerly par of the University at Ilmenau, Germany, this site has lots of useful local and general information on hamming in Germany.
Ham Radio, CB Radio, Shortwave Radio internet guide
A giant index to all things related to radio amateurism. Nicely organised by themes
l'asociacio' digital de Catalunya
Practical information on digital communications. A pity the site requires Java to be able to enter.
Ham radio on the net
Another huge and practical index to help getting you to the things of interest. Hint: find satellite info under 'Space'

AMSATs in the world

Just a few of the more useful sites:

AMSAT United States
Of course, the mom of all other AMSATs!
AMSAT Great Britain
AMSAT Germany
AMSAT Australia
AMSAT Belgium
AMSAT Italia
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