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Passive Ionospheric Sounding and Ranging

Ionospheric Sounding Links

Background to Ionospheric Sounding
(Lowell University)
BR Communications
Grahamstown Field Station
(South Africa)
The IRIS project
US Army AN/TRQ-35(V) Ionospheric Sounder
Japanese ionospheric sounding
(live ionograms)
KEL Aerospace
Realtime ionograms
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In addition, no support will be provided to non-registered users, and no responsibility assumed for unauthorized or inappropriate use of the material herein. If you have a genuine interest in involvement in the project, read the Equipment Requirements, and if you are still interested, contact Peter G3PLX Peter[dot]Martinez[at]btinternet[dot]com Address enquiries about this web site to as149[at]detroit[dot]freenet[dot]org.

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