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Passive Ionospheric Sounding and Ranging

Mailing list

There's a dedicated mailing list for the G3PLX chirper activity. It's very low-volume, but also, it's a useful tool to get your doubts answered, suggest new projects, and generally keep updated on the project.

To subscribe, visit this page, fill in the data, and you'll receive a mail asking for a confirmation. This avoids other people trying to subscribe you. Just sending a reply to the confirmation request, taking care not to modify the subject, will get you on the list. All subscriptions are pending approval of the lista administrator.

The list is 'closed', only accessible for subscribers. Once on the list, you will be able to consult the archives. Here are the addresses again:

http://aintel.bi.ehu.es/mailman/listinfo/chirps Subscription page
http://aintel.bi.ehu.es/mailman/private/chirps/ Mailing list archives