VLF and ELF loop antenna

The construction was partly realized in the workshop of the Catholic University at Córdoba, Argentina. Some other activities were realized at the home of students (or mine).
Trying to bend the pipes, and delicately helping the process with a heat gun.
(In the photo, left to right: Chino, Matías Torrent, Joaquín Aguerre, Santiago Biolé)

Once bent, the pipes had a tendency to straighten themselves.

The bending wasn't that difficult, just needed some patience.

After bending, the fittings are mounted - here the bottom part of a pipe union.
(In the photo: Maxi Martinez)

That week, we couldn't finish the complete antenna for lack of time, We did have to separate top and bottom halves to get through the doors.

Students proudly showing the results of their labour.


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