VLF and ELF loop antenna - Cabling

Preparation of the wiring of the antenna. A 'pack' of 9 wires was prepared, to be passed together through the tubing. The ends are connected with small printed circuits.

Making the PC boards

Small PCBs to ease the connection of the cables. The impression on the board was made using TT (Thermal transfer)

Here, the board is in the etching solution. There are 6 boards printed, though only 4 are needed.

Drilled and cut to measure. Went to a local hardware store for a 'One point 5 mm drill'. They didn't have that... Only 'one and a half mm' ones.

Preparing the cables

The cable assembly was not possible in the lab - not enough space for laying out the entire cable for precise measurements.

We had quite an audience in the hallways.


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