VLF and ELF loop antenna

The images below are rendered by the POV-ray ray-tracing program in which I have a long-standing interest. If curious, here are a couple of other POV images.

A view from (nearly) above. (I forgot to close the top hole!)

This time exactly up top, and another ground.

A view of the bottom connections, and the output 'T' for the feed cables.

A closeup of the highest of the crosses.

And yet another view of the bottom construction.

A view of one of the pipe 'unions', necessary, else it wouldn't be possible to use threaded pipes.

A view of the pipe union from below, to emphasize that the ring part is fitted to the top pipe.

The 'assembled' antenna, as seen from the side.

And seen from a slightly different angle. Perspective plays tricks on the eye here!


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