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Foot braces

The building process and the plans are available on previous page.


Detail of a couple of the 'teeth' for regulating the position of the foot braces. The holes at the bottom are just for reducing weight

Detail of the front part of the fixed 'rail' - upside down. Note the rounding.
Some of the 'teeth', after receiving a first coat of epoxy. (Don't paint the bottom yet!)

The completed guide, now seen from above.
The upper (rear) part of the guide, where the actual braces will slide. It has been positioned on a straight aluminium profile to guarantee straightness.

Now with the rest of the guide, glued, using epoxy.
Close-up of the lower part of the guide. Again, the holes at the bottom are just to reduce the weight.

This is where the slider part starts.
One of the legs of the 'U' cut in two (see text) to obtain the sides of the slider.

This is how the obtained L will fit to the horizontal strip (now glued yet).
The support structure (rear) of the braces, made from 'phenolic' wood, as used for creates.

Front view of same.
Too view of the slider...

... and a bottom view. The slider was completely constructed from hardwood - just two different colors!
Showing how the structure will fit to the slider.

Another view. The structure was not glued yet - I decided I wanted to construct the upper part completely before fitting it to the actual slider.
Here, the wings of the braces are glued to the structure. And again fitted on the slider.

Another view. The upper part already received first coat of epoxy.
View from the top. Note that the wings are tilted both sideways and back, which results in a quite natural position of the feet.

The completed rail on the bottom of the kayak, waiting for the epoxy to set. The transformer's weight keep the rail in position.
Detail, where the actual slider starts.

The adjustment part of the rail.
A knot.

Finally, a couple of pictures of the foot braces ready for use!
They are really necessary... For an inexperienced paddler it may seem strange, but foot braces go a long way to reduce the fatigue on the legs.


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