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The Satellite Experimenter's Handbook (Older version)
Martin Davidoff K2UBC (Editor). ISBN: 0-87259-004-6
(More information at Amazon)
The New Weather Satellite Handbook
Dr. Ralph E. Taggart WB8DQT. ISBN: 0-88006-015-6
(More information at Amazon)
The Radio Amateur's Satellite Handbook
Martin Davidoff K2UBC (Editor). ISBN: 0-87259-658-3
(More information at Amazon)
Climatology for Airline Pilots
H. R. Quantick, ISBN 0-632-05294-3
This book even uses an image received by me! (Check page 230)
(More information at Amazon)
Watching the World's Weather
W. J . Burroughs, ISBN 0521343429
(More information at Amazon)
Satellite Meteorology - An Introduction
Stanley O. Kidder, Thomas H. Vander Haar. ISBN 0-12-406430-2
(More information at Amazon)
Proceedings of SETICon01
Proceedings of the first SETI conference, much useful information
(Check info at SETI League)
Proceedings of SETICon02
Proceedings of the second SETI conference, much useful information
(Check info at SETI League)

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