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Tech datasheet Meteor 3-5

The soviet Meteor 3-5 is a low-orbit polar orbiting satellite. The period is approximately 109 minutes. This satellite is not sun-synchronous: each day a slight shift occurs in the pass schedule, which makes it difficult to observe phenomena at one location, as the lighting changes continually. Still, as it uses the entire 0.5 second interval to send just one line, the resolution is very good.

Meteor 3-5 was launched on August, 15 1991. Regretably, it stopped functioning in 2002, leaving only the NOAA series, after initial problems with the mechanical scanning system, and later problems with the power supply.


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Tech datasheet Meteor 3-5

Description Value Unit
Satellite Meteor 3-5
Launch date 1991/08/15
Name before launch

Actual name METEOR 3-5
NASA ID 25394
Approximate height 1210 km
Orbit inclination 82.5 degrees
Orbit period 109 minutes
Frequencies 137.85 (APT) MHz