Compiling linSmith

Before compiling, it is, of course, necessary to download the package. The latest version of the program is available from sourceforge.net. The next step is to copy it to a directory where you will compile it (maybe your home directory?).

Here are the step to unpack and compile:

tar -xvf linsmith-x.x.x.tar.gz Unpack the package to its own directory. x.x.x is the version you downloaded. The directory created will be linsmith-x.x.x.
cd linsmith-x.x.x Enter the newly created directorio.
./configure This will check if all the tools necessary to compile linSmith correctly are available. In some cases, distribution files miss definition files for program development. If configure complains about something, check if you find a corresponding -dev package for your distro.
make After a successful configure, it is very unlikely that compilation will fail.
sudo make install


su -
<enter administrator password>
make install

The actual installation step must be done with admin priviledges. Some distro permit calling 'make install' with 'sudo'. Other require you to actually change to the admin account (using 'su'), then run make install.
cd ..
rm -f linsmith-x.x.x
Optional step: remove the installation directory.
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