linSmith: Smith charting program for Linux

linSmith is a Smith Charting program, mainly designed for educational use. As such, there is an emphasis on capabilities that improve the 'showing the effect of'-style of operation.

Postscript output It's main features are:

  • Definition of multiple load impedances (at different frequencies)
  • Addition of discrete (L, C, parallel and series LC, and transformer) and line components (open and closed stubs, line segments)
  • Connection in series and parallel
  • Easy experimentation with values using scrollbars
  • A 'virtual' component switches from impedance to admittance to help explaining (or understanding) parallel components
  • The chart works in real impedances (not normalized ones)
  • Direct view of the result on the screen
  • Ability to generate publication quality Postscript output
  • A 'log' file with textual results at each intermediate step
  • Load and circuit configuration is stored separately, permitting several solutions without re-defining the other (this may actually change to single files - I'm not quite convinced here)

Some distributions have made packages available for easier installation. Be aware that they may be outdated. In that case, consider compiling compiling your own, it's not really that difficult!


This program was written with the help of the GIMP toolkit (GTK+), a marvelous piece of work, and uses the gnome-print library to generate Postscript output. Of course, it was developed on Linux, using the gcc compiler suite and the Glade GUI development system. Graphics items were designed using the GIMP itself.

I'd like to thank Georg Baum for convincing me to publish the program, and for his help with the packaging. Also thanks to Once (WanShi) Shuiqing for reporting bugs and translating into Chinese (see image).

Chinese translation
A reference to linSmith appeared in an article in High Frequency Electronics of Jan/2009 by Anthony Bichler. Thanks!

Thanks to SourceForge for the downloading and management services. Get linsmith at SourceForge.net. Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads

A note about Tucows

I've had some remarks about the fact that the Tucows listing is not updated regularly, and is always lagging behind.

A non-paying free software entry at Tucows normally takes 40 - 60 days to get to the top of the waiting list - more if some mistake is made at the presentation. Of course, as I don't get paid for the software, I cannot afford to pay for 'preferencial' treatment.
(Note: Updating Tucows now takes around 200 (!) days. I've given given up...)

This is also the reason for the fact that linSmith is not rated. The rating has to be paid for...

Local copies

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linsmith-0.99.30.tar.gz 1.1 MB Last published version
linsmith-0.99.31.tar.gz 1.1 MB Development

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