Distribution packages for linSmith

Of course I welcome the preparation of easy-to-install packages of linSmith. It's just a pity the packagers don't inform me that they have done so, and as such, I'm always surprised when a user of distro such-and-such complains to me about them (or the lack of updates).

Please note that generally it is very difficult to generate good packages for a different distro than the one you have installed (I use Slackware). Checkinstall is doing a valient job, but doesn't generate approved packages (yet). Also, take into account that all the packaging is done by volunteers - be polite when you ask them to update.

If you feel just a little adventurous, consider compile your own linSmith. It is not difficult at all. I've added a page on compiling the linSmith. Also, inside the package is a text file INSTALL, which contains instructions.

So, please do not send me distribution-specific complaints, I can't help, as, in most cases, I'm not even aware of their existence. Here are a couple which I do know about (thanks to google):

Distribution Distro page Version Maintainer
Debian http://packages.debian.org/unstable/electronics/linsmith 0.99.7 Margarita Manterolo margo[at]debian.org
Mac OS X http://linsmith.darwinports.com/ 0.9.2 Unmaintained

http://pdb.finkproject.org/pdb/package.php/linsmith 0.9.11 Monic Polynomial (For mail address follow link)
OpenMamba http://www.openmamba.org/distribution/distromatic.html?tag=milestone1&pkg=linsmith.source 0.99.0 Unmaintained
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