Tutorial: Create a glass - step 3.

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Creating the form of the glass

This is probably and exercise each starting POV-Ray artist goes through. There are different ways to get there, and each person will select the one most compatible with his/her work methods. I'll document only the ones which are familiar to me:

The cartesian way: Here, you draw the form you want on a paper (preferably millimetric). At specific intervals points are marked which define most significant elements of the form. Those points are then transferred to POV-Ray element.

Freehand: Simply draw on one of the views, adding points in the dialog as necessary, and moving around the points in view.

Inkscape: I found that using the freehand way is somewhat unconfortable in KPovmodeler, and found it easier to use the Bezier curves in Inkscape. I find it easier to draw in Inkscape (or Skencil/sK1 or other vector drawing program), even if not using the POV-Ray export possibilities.

Step 4


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