linSmith tutorial: Finishing

Traditionally we now convert to admittances. This is not strictly necessary, but it is easier to understand on the graph. Just add a X/Y-component. Note that we now are on a real g=1 circle.
A parallel capacitor will move the impedance to the chart center. A good starting value - 20 pF (say, about 10 times the wavelength in meters).
Again some experimenting, 22 pF gets us very near the center. Mind that it is necessary to first select the component before moving the scrollbars, inputting a new value, or changing the component. Each click on the component line in the list will re-center the scrollbar.
On the numerical page ('log'), we see that the final impedance of our exercise was 50.6 + 0.1j, corresponding to an SWR of 1.02... Quite good, isn't it?
The End...


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